Fabrics cross into the next frontier of softness

Softer fabrics with wrinkle resistance, improved handle and longevity form the eternal goal of textile manufacturers the planet over. It was a matter of time till regular emulsions reached their softening limits. With the silicone-based fabfin polymers we offer, superior softness, improved handle, abrasion and wrinkle resistance and dye penetration are yours at far lower concentrations than regular surfactants demand. Compatible with materials like cotton, PET, nylon and others, our emulsions also improve slipperiness on textile fibres.


Improving textile softness and offering a richer hand

Softening woven and knitted fabrics

Imparting durable wrinkle resistance

Greater penetration into textile of dyes fibers

Improving tear strength and abrasion resistance

Better shrinkage reduction

Imparting water repellency


Silicone oil and liquid, are on their own, reluctant mixtures, requiring additives for them to become the incredibly useful silicone emulsions industry knows them to be. Used as glossing agents.

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