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Readying your car for the heat of top-notch performance

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Performance automobile engines generate staggering amounts of heat and vibration that few materials under the hood can long sustain, Fortunately, our silicone products were made for just this extreme range of temperatures, massively boosting performance and letting you direct your horsepower onto the road.


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In-place gasket forming in automobile engines: timing covers, oil sumps, valve rockers, rocker covers, intake manifolds, rear axle housings

Lubrication of splined shafts and threaded spindles

Lubrication of overrunning clutches in starter motors

Lubrication of windshield wiper motor gears

Sunroof linings

Soundproofing vehicle interiors

Rust removal from metal components such as bolts, screws, etc in car battery terminals

OEM bonding and sealing applications in marine equipment and recreational vehicles

Removing carbon from spark plugs

Adhesives and Sealants

Our ADSIL (silicone sealants and adhesives) range goes beyond merely providing lifelong structural integrity; it’s a class of bonding alternatives that drastically reduce time for assembly.

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LubiPro’s silicone greases are a far cry from earlier lubricating solutions such as petroleum-based oils, waxes, greases and pastes. Our lubricating greases treat defeating friction.

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Silicone oil and liquid, are on their own, reluctant mixtures, requiring additives for them to become the incredibly useful silicone emulsions industry knows them to be. Used as glossing agents.

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