Defending infrastructure against climatic extremes

Being tropical, India’s climate proves to be the most unforgiving test of construction materials and techniques. With dry, blazing heat at one end and relentless downpours during monsoons at the other, building surfaces scarcely can stay undamaged with weathering and leaks. Our infra-industry-benchmark sealants and silicone waterproofing products, however, are here to ensure that no extremes of weather manage to find their way into your walls or floors.


Waterproofing and weatherproofing roofs

Imparting resistance to pooling damage to roofs

Sealing precast concrete panel joints

To seal stress cracks and joints in parapet walls

Caulking joints in ducts, cement surfaces and pipes

Sealants for protective glasses

Sealing skylights

Door and window glazing and sealing for residences

Decoration filing and sealing, frame and floor filing in homes

Sealant for different metals and corrosion-sensitive surfaces like steel, chrome, copper

Sealing expansion joints and control joints

Ceramic materials adhesion and sealing

Adhesives and Sealants

Our ADSIL (silicone sealants and adhesives) range goes beyond merely providing lifelong structural integrity; it’s a class of bonding alternatives that drastically reduce time for assembly.

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Silicone oil and liquid, are on their own, reluctant mixtures, requiring additives for them to become the incredibly useful silicone emulsions industry knows them to be. Used as glossing agents.

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