Silicone Fluid Manufacturers in india

The kind of fluid that makes for industrial-grade backbones

Polydimethylsiloxanes are fluid compounds that appear in a range of viscosities, but they all have one thing in common:staggering adaptability and functionality across industries and conditions.

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How adaptable are silicon fluids?

Our crystal-clear PDMS liquids range in viscosity from 10 to roughly 12500 mm2/s, their unique properties stemming from their molecular structure.

Adarsha’s PDMS fluids are viscoelastic, acting like a viscous liquid at long flow times (or high temperatures); however, at short flow times (or low temperatures), they act like an elastic solid, similar to rubber. This makes their mechanical properties easy to tune with the addition of cross-linking compounds, allowing their function to be selected before curing.

These silicone fluids are notable for their high thermal resistance over a wide range of temperatures, and highly unreactive, with credibility-testing solubility across a spectrum of solvents. They exhibit marked water repellency, lubricity and biocompatibility, granting them uses in personal care and medical products. Properties that make even water’s boast shrink.

Product List:

AX Series

AX 10

AX 20

AX 50

AX 100

AX 350

AX 500

AX 1000

AX 5000

AX 12500


Minimal change across a wide temperature range

Excellent water-repellent properties

Low surface tension/ high surface activity

Low solidifying point

High flash point

High heat resistance

High chemical inertness


Release agent


Hydraulic fluid


Anti-foaming agent

Liquid dielectric for electrical and electronic equipment

Plastics additive

Additive for textile and fiber auxiliaries

Plasticizer in RTV-1 sealants

Treatment of head-lice on scalp

Product selection:

The number preceding the product name denotes its viscosity

Choose the silicone fluid variant according to the viscosity matching your need.


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