About Us

Established in 2010, it’s taken Adarsha Specialty Chemicals just a decade to claim the coveted spot of India’s prime supplier of silicone sealants and adhesives.

Adarsha Specialty Chemicals presents an ever-rapidly-expanding formidable inventory of products, its quality bolstered by its Six-Sigma protocols.

We offer solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

We are committed to being eco-friendly, working hard to develop greener products and technologies that will help make the world we live in safer everyday.



To make Adarsha one of the model companies in India for customers and employees.



Become a synonym for the finest cutting edge silicones across the globe.

Board of Directors

Mr Omkar Murthy - Founder & Director

Three decades of industrial chemistry under his Six-sigma black belt

Mr Omkar Murthy exemplifies the idea of owning one’s experience. He distills thirty years of immersion in chemical processes and management.

He is a chemical engineering graduate from Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering and also holds a masters degree of MBA in operations.

He started his career as a process engineer at Hindustan Unilever in the year 1990. Worked with Gharda Agro Chemicals from 1993 to 1998.

As a clear sign of his adaptability, in 1998 he forayed into fine chemicals as a US FDA-Certified Manufacturing Manager at Cadilla Pharmaceuticals Joining DOW Chemicals in 2000 as a Plant Manager, he earned a Six Sigma Blackbelt in Midland Michigan from dow corporation, rising to the role of Asian Area Project Manager for Specialty Chemicals in his nine years at DOW.

After working in the industry for x years Mr Omkar Murthy ended his tenure at Dow to find his own entrepreneurial voice by establishing Adarsha Specialty Chemicals in 2010.

Mr G. S. Chandrashekar - Director

It isn't medical training that enables him to oversee curing chemicals

Dr Chandrashekhar is the founder of Adarsha's 200-bed super-specialty hospital, actively serving in his position as medical director and cardio-diabetologist at the same. A position that arrived on the heels of the previous fifteen years spent as specialist and senior specialist in a government hospital in Udupi.

He also serves as Director of Adarsha Specialty Chemicals, Tumkur, and as Director of Adarsha Global Build Project Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.Over a thousand rural health camps have been facilitated by his generous expertise, as has the publication of numerous small handbooks educating the local populace on diseases such as Diabetes mellitus, cardiac arrests, malaria, dengue, leptospira, etc.

Mr G. S. Prakash - Director

He's never found a better construction material for life than grit

Mr. G. S. Prakash paved his own path from humble beginnings on a farm to becoming a well-regarded civil engineer with his own sheer will and effort and belief from family.

Mr. G. S. Prakash occupied after years of commitment the position of Vice President at Gammon India before he founded his own construction firm.

Manufacturing at Adarsha

Operational Excellence
State of The Art Manufacturing Facility

Our chemical processes call upon implementation of Six Sigma and lean protocols. Which means that you’d have to be ready to delve into five decimal points to communicate manufacturing defects

Our top-of-the-line manufacturing facility meets the most demanding global standards in quality as well as worker safety.

Research and Development

Our new product naming department deals with extremely short turnaround times It’s just inevitable when our R&D section seeks to create at least five new products each quarter. Though every worker gets the breaks they deserve, innovation and improvement at Adarsha never take leaves.Which explains the 150 products we’re rightfully proud of, several of which are UL and TUV certified.

Of course, credit for this goes to our tireless group of Phd graduates and scientists, who collaborate intensively with IISC and MSRIT.Thanks to this research ethic, Adarsha holds a joint global patent with 3M.