Enhancing industrial efficiencies, reducing maintenance downtimes

Mechanical wear and tear in factories calls for an ongoing juggling act between maintenance and production schedules, no matter which industry. But with our products, which prolong intervals between maintenance operations, facilitate assembly and disassembly of components and provide unmatched protection against environmental damage, your output will run into far fewer mechanical bottlenecks.


Sealants for:

Vacuum and pressure systems and outdoor equipment exposed to washing and harsh environments, such as meters, electrical service entrance and underground connections

Components exposed to moisture/ prevention of frequent wash downs or weathering

General industrial sealing and bonding

Transformer gasket and equipment enclosures

Bonding gaskets in heating and refrigeration units

Protection by:

Prevention of Brinelling, false brinelling and corrosion on metal surfaces

Rust removal from metal components such as bolts, screws, etc. in machinery, tools, battery terminals, and more

Lubrication for:

Threaded spindles, splined shafts, toothed gears, worm and transmission gears, screws, valves, pumps, machine-tool guides

Run-in lubrication of new machines and gear boxes

Drilling, sawing and thread-cutting

High and low load carrying devices

Freezer cart casters and cold room conveyor equipment

Rolling-element bearings in devices exposed to heat, such as kiln reheater fans oven fans

Conveyors, clutch release bearings, plastic components

Pulling rubber-covered cables through conduits

Textile slashers and driers

Control and pressure plug valves, water softener and faucet valves

Rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets and seals

Gasket forming for:

Industrial furnaces



Exhaust stacks

Adhesives and Sealants

Our ADSIL (silicone sealants and adhesives) range goes beyond merely providing lifelong structural integrity; it’s a class of bonding alternatives that drastically reduce time for assembly.

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LubiPro’s silicone greases are a far cry from earlier lubricating solutions such as petroleum-based oils, waxes, greases and pastes. Our lubricating greases treat defeating friction.

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Silicone oil and liquid, are on their own, reluctant mixtures, requiring additives for them to become the incredibly useful silicone emulsions industry knows them to be. Used as glossing agents.

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Silicone Fluids

Polydimethylsiloxanes are fluid compounds that appear in a range of viscosities, but they all have one thing in common. staggering adaptability and functionality.

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